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Commercial Insurance


We protect businesses of all sizes

Commercial insurance, also known as business insurance, is a tailored policy designed to protect businesses against certain losses and risks that can emerge during the normal course of business activity. at Hepburns, we specialise in bespoke insurance solutions for complex commercial operations.

Our commercial offering protects businesses of all sizes across many industries in the Channel Islands and beyond, covering everything from Business and Professional Risk to Construction, Property and Latent Defects. Our bespoke protection can prepare you for the unexpected such as compensation claims, improper professional advice, specialist equipment damage and protect your firm should things go wrong.


Our experts are here to support you

It’s not easy to find the right for protection for your business activity, especially if your business covers a range of high risk activities, locations or complex setups. Commercial insurance policies can be a package of various types of cover under one policy. Depending on what you do and where your business is based, these can be tailored to suit your business needs based on the types of risk your business faces.

When you begin your journey with us, you get assigned a dedicated Commercial Risk Broker, who will get to know you and your business, and advise on the risk involved. We will then go away and do all the hard work for you, researching the market to provide a tailored insurance proposal to cover all aspects of your business, all in one place, with a single point of contact.


We provide unbiased advice, every time

As independent brokers, we are especially well placed in performing this service because we are able to scour the insurance market to identify a bespoke solution for the specific needs and requirements of individuals and or companies across various industries.

A direct insurer, on the other hand, is able to offer you only those products from its own pre-defined product range and a solution, therefore, which may not be tailored to your specific individual needs. That means we can not only help you find a provider and arrange cover that precisely meets your needs, but we’ll offer unbiased advice on the options available and even on how to better secure and protect your business.


Commercial Solutions

Transport & Cargo Risk

Protect your logistics, operations and commercial vehicles through our bespoke insurance solutions, tailored specifically to your requirements.

Construction Risk

Protect your construction site, contractors and specialist equipment protected with our bespoke insurance policies.


Protect your professionals and secure yourself from any risks arising from giving advice or providing a service for a price.

Development Risk

Unique to each individual project, insurance solutions are bespoke to every property developer from Latent Defects to Non Negligence.

Business Risk

Reduce the financial impact of a business interruption, loss or damage to a facility or equipment, allowing you to maintain your day-to-day operations.

Property Risk

Ensuring financial compensation in the event that a structure or its contents are damaged or stolen, applicable to residential, commercial and mixed use properties.


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