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Transport & Cargo Risk

Commercial fleet insurance
Protecting your entire fleet with one policy

Fleet insurance is an efficient and cost-effective method of managing a company’s commercial fleet. We are able to match your unique needs, ranging from cars and ‘white van’ insurance for small enterprises to heavy goods, special types or haulage vehicles for large commercial operators. We analyse the risk of your business and offer cost-effective and comprehensive cover based on risks for the entire fleet.

We understand the demands of operating a large number of commercial vehicles and appreciate the risks involved in the transport industry. Hepburns knowledge and experience in insuring commercial vehicle fleets, means that we are fully aware of the complexities of vehicles, moving between the Islands and the UK and protecting cargo while in transit.

Logistics related risk management
Protecting your operations

When relevant, the premium rating is aligned to local claims performance. For example, you should not pay higher UK premiums on vehicles that are used mainly in the Channel Islands.

Transport & Cargo Risk

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