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Stress-free boating
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At Hepburns we understand that your vessel is not only a significant financial investment, it is also your pride and joy, and a source of relaxation and leisure. We want to make sure that it stays that way and that the responsibility of owning an expensive vessel doesn’t cause you unnecessary stress.

Recognising that everyone’s needs are different and that owning a watercraft presents unique risks, we provide bespoke insurance to match your particular needs as boat enthusiasts.

Whether your enjoyment is in a RIB, jet ski, motorboat, or yacht, we provide flexible and comprehensive cover for vessels of all shapes and sizes.

Our marine insurance will cover your vessel for any damage caused by impact, fire, sinking or grounding, as well as theft or repairs.

Protecting all parties
Share your boat safely

As boating enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that part of the enjoyment of owning a watercraft is sharing it with friends and family. We also know from experience, that accidents do happen and that your passengers are suitably protected for smooth sailing.

Having enough boat insurance can protect you from third-party liability for injuries or damage caused by you or your vessel. When it comes to boat insurance, third-party liability is arguably the most common claim we receive.

To safeguard your interests and cover your liability in the event of an accident, Hepburns offers insurance specifically intended for watercraft owners, with bespoke solutions for operations, property damage and personal injury.

Marine Insurance

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