We have launched a product specifically for landlords of apartments or flats that for an annual premium of £85 provides cover in two specific areas being: –

Contents, fixtures & fittings at £10,000

Public Liability at £2,000,000

The policy is developed as we believe that there are a few grey areas that potentially expose local landlords to claims that would not be covered under a Property Owners policy arranged by the share transfer or flying freehold entity.

It is not uncommon for there to be some confusion surrounding the responsibility for internal fixtures, fittings and decorations and on occasion there are ‘legal agreements’ which formally places responsibility for the internal areas on the apartment owner and as such the Property Owners policy covering the block would be unable to provide any financial assistance. This is not necessarily a problem for owner occupied units as household contents insurance will generally cover this exposure but landlords do not routinely arrange any specific insurance for the units they let. Leasehold Landlords will also to a varying extent have movable contents within tenanted apartments.

In addition, Landlords of apartments can potentially be liable for damage or injury to tenants, their visitors and others from causes both inside or outside of the tenanted apartment including communal areas on the approach to the building or block. While liability insurance is not a legal requirement, it should be considered essential for any leasehold landlord. The product we have developed provides full Public Liability insurance for the business activity as a landlord. The block policy will include liability cover but that is fairly narrow as it would apply only as a property owner. There is a legal case on the mainland, ‘Edwards v Kumarasamy’, which in 2015 on appeal held a leasehold landlord responsible for a tenant who injured himself after tripping on an uneven paving stone outside the block of flats in which he rented. I understand that the legal process is still on-going and the matter has not been resolved once and for all but it does highlight that perhaps the most important element of the liability insurance is legal defence costs rather than damages awarded.

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