A determined (but friendly) rivalry is reaching fever point at Hepburn’s Insurance the 100th Muratti Sponsors. In a recent pre-match meeting, things got a little heated as Guernsey Exec ‘Kezy’ (Brian Queru) attempted to wrestle away the Muratti Vase from Jersey Exec Tim Johnson.

Tim played for St Peters for many years (and Huddersfield town), while his rival Kezy, played for Guernsey in his youth and has lost none of his passion for the national team.

Tim has managed to keep his lean physique and found it easier to get into his football strip than Kezy, but the determined look on their faces epitomises the competitive spirit that the Muratti competition represents.

Paul Macdonald, Managing Director of Hepburn’s Jersey said: “With offices and staff in both Jersey and Guernsey, Hepburn’s Insurance look forward to match day with high expectations and anticipation. We employ plenty of keen football supporters some of whom have played to a high amateur standard. May the best team win!”